Tri Valley Soccer Club Sports Science Program

Program Overview

The Sports Science Department offers the Tri Valley SC membership numerous educational programs with a focus on Exercise Physiology and Sports Psychology. TVSC takes a multi-faceted approach to improving the performance of its players on the field. This commitment is expressed through a full range of year round sport science seminars and science-based training sessions. During the pre-season, the club’s players and their families can attend seminars on sport nutrition, injury prevention and care, and sport psychology. At the TVSC spring and summer camps, its players are trained to understand and work at improving their speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, acceleration, and running coordination. These camps are platforms for the in-season Soccer Conditioning Program that is delivered during regular team training sessions. The club’s coaches regularly attend small group sport science tutorials that are designed to optimize their contact and impact with their team players.

Soccer Conditioning Program

The Soccer Conditioning Program is a sport specific training program geared to developing greater speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, acceleration, and running coordination for soccer players. All of the exercises performed will be created around the movement patterns experienced during a game by an outfield player, whether either in possession or out of possession.

Some Major themes that will be addressed during the program are: Straight & Lateral Speed; Change of Speed & Direction; Reaction Speed; Speed Endurance; Plyometrics; Movement Stabilization; Functional Strength.

Participation in the Soccer Conditioning Program will help maximize performance and help reduce the possibility and/or extent of soft tissue/muscle injuries.

Player Assessment & Measurement

Players will undertake periodic physiological testing and anthropometric measurements in order for us to monitor adaptations and development from training programs which will help us better design relevant training programs. We will also monitor skeletal growth, enabling us to individualize aspects of training programs.

Plyometric Training

Players will be introduced to appropriate plyometric training for their age. Another term for plyometrics is explosive jump training. Plyometrics is an excellent form of training for sports that require powerful, propulsive movements, and is therefore ideal for soccer players.
Endurance Training
We will deliver training programs, soccer specific in nature, which will increase the functionality and efficiency of the cardiovascular systems ability to deliver oxygenated blood to muscle mass. Such trainings will compliment other team training sessions being undertaken.

Injury Prevention and Care

We will administer in our training programs modern principles that will decrease the possibility of injury occurrence. Utilizing exercises that will increase flexibility, range of movement and proprioception, will help allow the player to engage in movements without suffering injury, or at least reducing the possibility of injury.

Injury Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

We will work with medical advice to ensure that any injured player carries out the correct rehabilitation procedures and exercises prescribed. We will also continue to monitor and evaluate their progress and reintegration into team training and game play so as not to become re-injured.

Nutrition and Hydration

Advice and information will be available and delivered to all players relating to many aspects of nutrition and hydration including, but not limited to:
• Foods That Fuel
• Pre-Exercise Eating
• Pre-Event Eating
• Post-Exercise Eating
• Why Do Players Become Dehydrated
• What Should Players Drink
• Vitamins & Minerals
• Preventing Muscle Cramps
• Hitting The Wall
• Special Diets

Sports Psychology

Advice and information on sports psychology techniques to optimize performance will be available and delivered to players and parents, such as:
• Goal Setting
• Visualization
• Focus & Concentration
• Positive Thinking
• Dealing With External Pressures
• Team Building
• Team Spirit