Tri Valley SC Future Stars Under Boys and Girls Ages 5 through 8

The 2017 Future Stars program strives to provide an unparalleled soccer experience for our youngest players. The program is for children ages 5 thru 8 that are new to the game. Our player development strategy for the Future Stars focuses on our players learning the key technical skills of the game, including over 20 technical moves on the ball. The Future Stars players will also learn to develop a higher level of coordination and agility through age specific training sessions in small group play (4v4).

The 2017 Future Stars is comprised of an 8 week Spring season and a 12 week Fall season.

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TVSC Academy Program - U8 Boys & Girls

The 2017 TVSC Academy Program is a developmental program for boys and girls that have played the game that serves to introduce young players to competitive soccer. The program is for U8 Boys and Girls with the primary focus of its curriculum to develop the correct technical and psychomotor skills that will effectively enhance the soccer experience for all participating children.

Through small group play, we create a fun, lightly competitive environment, where players begin to be passionate with the soccer ball, while beginning to understand positioning concepts, technical achievement and playing as a team.

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TVSC Speed & Agility Training Program

The 2017 TVSC Speed and Agility Program is a year round program that will commence in spring of 2017. In its fourth full year, the Speed and Agility Program (SAP) is a very popular training program with our players and teams.

SAP is a sport specific designed program, geared to developing greater speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, acceleration and coordination for soccer players. The curriculum for this program is constantly being amended by the TVSC coaching staff to ensure that the program provides optimal exercises available to enhance our players physical dynamics for all positions of play.



Goalkeeper Development Program

The 2017 TVSC Goalkeeper Development Program continues to produce some of the finest goalkeepers in the Bay Area. TVSC Goalkeepers are playing at the highest interscholastic and intercollegiate levels in the country.

This year round program features weekly dynamic training that covers all aspects of the position in an age appropriate manner to maximize our players’ growth, interest and understanding of this key position.


Tri Valley SC Player Development Programs

The Tri Valley Soccer Club prides itself in providing one of the most professional and comprehensive player development programs in Northern California. The scope of our programs applies to both the classroom, field of play and professional venues!

The Tri Valley Soccer Club enters its 10th year of operations in 2017 and has enjoyed immeasurable success during this period. With two trips to the National Championships, two NPL titles, numerous premier tournament championships, and several league and cup championships to our credit, the Club has established itself as a leader in team and player development in Northern California.

The primary objective of our Player Development Programs (PDP) is to provide all players, whether new to the game or an elite player, with a comprehensive soccer learning experience in all aspects of the game. Our Player Development Programs are designed to prepare the participating players for higher levels of competition in the club, interscholastic, intercollegiate and professional levels of play. Our educational programs also consist of teaching injury prevention and care, sports psychology, nutrition for athletes and collegiate placement.

By providing a year round experience to our membership, it allows our players to maximize their exposure to the educational and developmental opportunities that the Club and our community provides.

In 2017, a new partnership with the San Jose Earthquakes will add to the many exisiting opportunities for the TVSC player to see the game at the highest levels in this country.