The Club

Welcome to the Tri Valley Soccer Club!

A new and innovative approach to developing the premier soccer player has arrived in the Bay Area. The Tri Valley Soccer Club is “Designed for the Dedicated Soccer Player”. The Club is committed to delivering a comprehensive and unparalleled learning experience in all aspects of the game to the player with a serious desire to play the game at the highest level.

This club represents a great new opportunity for those players who aspire to play the game at the intercollegiate and/or professional levels. Some of the club’s unique player development programs for the competitive division will include tactical/functional training, speed and conditioning training, professional goalkeeper training and a striker development program. The club also features development programs for junior players with the Youth Academy and Future Stars programs. In addition, Tri Valley SC will host guest clinicians from the professional and collegiate ranks for their team development programs throughout 2018.

Based in San Ramon, California, the Tri Valley Soccer Club is a non-profit organization established to provide its members unparalleled personal growth through the game of soccer. As a member of US Soccer and US Club Soccer, the Club offers unique and challenging educational programs for the purpose of developing the complete player in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological areas of the game. Our programs are provided in a professional atmosphere and managed by experienced teaching professionals.

The Club serves the entire East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tri Valley SC Mission Statement

Tri Valley SC is committed to providing a comprehensive and unparalleled learning experience in all aspects of the game to the player with a serious desire to play the game at the highest level. Through unique professional programs, our mission is to provide the elite player with the most rewarding experience in the game both on and off the field of play.

Player Development Philosophy

The Tri Valley coaching staff will utilize their professional experience and knowledge to encourage, motivate and challenge all players to, above all, become technically creative and tactically superior players in all elements of the game.

With vision and discipline, the Tri Valley coaching staff is committed to teaching all players the necessary life lessons within the game so that they can develop their own unique individual abilities and realize their full potential.

Principles of Player Development:

.We focus on teaching – educate players in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the game for their age and level of play.

  1. Our training sessions are conducted in the spirit of enjoyment and learning.
  2. We modify technical and tactical development through sequential progressions including space, equipment, rules and restrictions.
  3. We demonstrate the technical and tactical elements of our lesson plan for each training session.
  4. We encourage and challenge our players to achieve technical excellence through goal setting and repetition.
  5. Enthusiasm, interaction and listening to our players is a key part of the communication policy.
  6. We provide a positive atmosphere with constructive and supportive feedback to our players.
  7. We strive to help each player reach their full potential and be prepared to move to the next stage of development.
  8. We provide the highest level of competition and exposure to all players.
  9. We keep winning and losing in proper perspective.


  1. We strive to maintain integrity within our sport.
  2. We adhere to and follow all rules and policies set forth by clubs, leagues, state and national associations.
  3. We work in the spirit of cooperation with officials, administrators, coaches, and spectators to provide the participants with the maximum opportunity to develop.
  4. We are positive role models to our players.
  5. We set the standard for sportsmanship with opponents, referees, administrators and spectators.
  6. We keep the sport in proper perspective with education.
  7. We encourage moral and social responsibility.
  8. We are representatives of our community and the game and act accordingly at all time.